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Quiet People Have The Loudest Minds

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Written by: Jenora Ledbetter -President & Founder of The Self Care Network LLC

If you’re an introvert like me then you’re probably familiar with something I call “introvert hangover” usually brought on when introverts socialize to much. It’s the feeling that everybody wants a piece of you. The sense that you just can’t get enough space from people and a deep deep deep desire to be left alone for long periods of time. Introverts are more sensitive to light, noise, and especially people.

Introverts are also intuitive and can pick up on people’s intentions quickly.

Both of my parents are introverts so I grew up in a loving space where we would all go to our separate corners of the house and chill out. Which usually meant I was in my room blasting music and pretending I was putting on a full blown concert - my mom would be reading a book outside on the deck with a glass of wine with her favorite pet by her side - dad would be in the bedroom watching old tv shows. It was literally the perfect house for introvert to grow up in.

However as we get older and integrate into social circles like friendships, relationships, work relationships sometimes getting away from the over stimulation can be difficult but not impossible.

I’ve become great at recognizing when I’m suffering from introvert hangover-

Like when I suddenly get a incurable bought of insomnia for days and days or when I am cranky for the entire day for no reason at all other than my mind feels overstimulated from to much interaction or conversations. If my neighbor walks up to me and asks me a question and I’m suddenly bothered or irked I know I’m on my way to introvert hangover land. Or if someone tries to do something nice for me but they’re in my space while doing the nice thing I'm mentally saying, Please go away! Please go away! Please go away!

Sometimes it’s just about shutting down and recharging.

Here is a list I put together on how to renew- re-emerge- and recharge

1. Recognize when your feeling drained and stop all conversations or limit them significantly. You definitely don’t want to be trapped into a conversation when your not feeling your best.

2. Plan a whole day of solo activities. Reading, gardening, binge watching Netflix.

3. Make sure you set boundaries and make sure people understand and respect them.

4. Blog… Blog… Blog… (writing really is chicken soup for the soul)

5. Don’t feel guilty. You’ll be a happier, calmer, person when you’re no longer feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated

-Are you an introvert trying to explain to people partner what you need? - Or are you more of an extrovert trying to understand your introverted co-worker, spouse, or friend?

Either way, I can help guide you to greater understanding in your relationship

There are constructive ways that employers and managers can use to help bring out the best in their introvert employees, whose talents and strengths can greatly benefit organizations and help businesses grow.

Contact me to set up a listening session.

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