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My Personal Journey To Consulting 

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Once upon a time, in the fast-paced world of corporate America, I, Jenora Ledbetter, embarked on a journey filled with challenges, microaggressions, and a burning desire for change. As a black woman navigating the intricacies of the corporate landscape, I encountered numerous instances of subtle but hurtful biases known as microaggressions.


I vividly remember the day when my accomplishments were undermined by a colleague's dismissive comment. It was a seemingly harmless remark, but it pierced through my confidence like a thousand tiny daggers. The microaggressions continued, chipping away at my spirit, leaving me questioning my abilities and worth in a world that often failed to see beyond the color of my skin.


However, these experiences didn't break me. They ignited a fire within me—a fire fueled by a burning passion for justice, equity, and inclusion. The great divide I witnessed in the corporate world became the catalyst for my transformation. I knew that I had to take action and become an agent of change.


Driven by a desire to dismantle the systemic barriers that hindered marginalized individuals, I made the life-altering decision to start my own Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) consulting firm. I recognized the urgent need for organizations to go beyond surface-level initiatives and truly embrace the principles of diversity and inclusion.


My consulting firm became a platform to bridge the divide, a place where I could empower organizations to dismantle the invisible barriers that kept talented individuals from reaching their full potential. I delved deep into research, learning the intricacies of bias, privilege, and unconscious discrimination. Armed with knowledge and fueled by personal experiences, I set out to create lasting change.


Through workshops, training sessions, and one-on-one consultations, I helped organizations recognize the impact of their unconscious biases and foster inclusive cultures. I worked tirelessly to cultivate empathy, awareness, and understanding, urging leaders and employees alike to embrace the beauty and strength that lies in diversity.


My journey was not without challenges. I faced skepticism, resistance, and the occasional setback. But I never lost sight of my mission, for every success story I witnessed reaffirmed the importance of my work. Witnessing individuals' transformative journeys, the emergence of genuine connections, and the breaking down of barriers, I knew that my purpose was being fulfilled.


Today, my DEI consulting firm stands as a beacon of hope, offering guidance and support to organizations seeking to create inclusive environments where every individual, regardless of their background, feels seen, valued, and heard. The great divide that propelled me to start this journey has transformed into a bridge—one that connects people, ideas, and experiences, fostering a world where diversity is not merely tolerated but truly celebrated.


As I reflect on my path, I am grateful for the trials that led me here. I have turned pain into purpose, and through my work, I continue to bridge the divide, one organization at a time. Together, we can build a future where microaggressions are replaced with micro-affirmations, and where the power of diversity and inclusion paves the way for a more equitable world.



















Experience The Self Care Network LLC

Philosophy & Approach

The Self Care Network LLC works with businesses and organizations to Build Bridges, Not Barriers. I believe that by building bridges, we can transcend differences, break down barriers, and create spaces where all voices are valued and heard. 

How I Can Help Your Organization 

  • Gain clarity with inclusive recruitment and hiring efforts,

  • Create and sustain a DEI and Leadership Strategic Plan

  • Define the process, establish milestones, and facilitate ongoing professional learning related to helping your employees develop an equity mindset

  • Design and implement developmental action plans and training programs

  • Restructuring departments to optimize efficiency in line with business objectives



What will this accomplish for you

  • Lowering the risk of discrimination claims

  • Creating an inclusive and supported environment that helps employees feel safe, respected and connected

  • Improved business outcomes

  • Innovation that comes from diversity will help your organization obtain a competitive advantage

  • Increased Team Building

  • Improved Communication

  • Ongoing employee development

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