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Navigating the Road toward Equity in Your Organization

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Navigating the Road toward Equity in Your Organization - 10/28/21

There are many approaches to raising diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and justice within your organization. As The Community Foundation launches dedicated Consultant Support Program funding for your work in DE&I, a panel of local consultants will share their thoughts and help you frame the questions you need to answer within your organization to find the best pathway toward equity. The panel will also help you determine the style of the consultant that would best help you on your journey.

Panelists: Abby Anderson, The Justice Walk; Jenora Ledbetter, The Self Care Network; Denise Manning Keyes, Ubuntu Storytellers.

Moderator: Valerie Knight-DiGangi, Program Officer, Valley Community Foundation

IN THE NEWS: How to Promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion In The Workplace

Over the last year, diversity and inclusion has become a strategic priority for many organizations as they continue to address threats to business continuity and recovery. Workforces are more dispersed as some employees are working remotely while others are at – or returning to – the physical office or worksites. These new working arrangements can further exacerbate existing diversity challenges and highlight unconscious biases that may exist. Essentially, a dispersed workforce can distance employees and teams from one another, undermining inclusivity efforts and initiatives that existed in the traditional working environment.

Here are the 7 Steps Your Organization Can Take To Start Incorporating Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Into Your Workspace......

1. Beware of Unconscious Biases 2. Communicate The Importance of Managing Biases

3. Develop A Strategic Training Program

4. Mix Up Your Teams

5. Facilitate Ongoing Feedback From Employees

6. Assess Company Policies

Track Progress Over Extended Period Of Time



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