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Leadership Assessment Checklist

Welcome to the Leadership Assessment Toolbox! This comprehensive checklist is designed to help you evaluate your leadership effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and chart a course for personal and organizational growth. Use this toolbox regularly to assess and enhance your leadership skills.

1. Vision and Strategy

☐ Clearly defined vision for the team/organization.

☐ Well-developed strategy aligned with the vision.

☐ Ability to communicate the vision and strategy effectively.

2. Communication Skills

 ☐ Open and transparent communication with team members.

☐ Active listening skills demonstrated regularly.

☐ Clarity in conveying expectations and goals.

3. Decision-Making

☐ Consistent and timely decision-making.

☐ Willingness to make tough decisions when necessary.

☐ Involvement of the team in decision-making where appropriate.

4. Team Building

☐ Foster a positive and inclusive team culture.

☐ Recognition and utilization of individual strengths.

☐ Promote collaboration and effective teamwork.

5. Accountability

☐ Clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

☐ Encourage accountability at all levels.

☐ Fair and consistent consequences for actions.

6. Adaptability

☐ Flexibility in response to changing circumstances.

☐Willingness to learn and adapt to new challenges.

☐ Ability to guide the team through change effectively.

7. Motivation and Inspiration

☐ Inspire and motivate team members.

☐ Recognition of individual and team achievements.

☐ Create a positive and energized work environment.

8. Coaching and Development

☐ Regular feedback and coaching provided.

☐ Support for professional development and growth.

☐ Identification and nurturing of future leaders.

9. Conflict Resolution

☐ Proactive resolution of conflicts within the team.

☐ Constructive approach to handling disagreements.

☐ Encourage open communication to address issues.

10. Ethics and Integrity

☐ Lead with honesty and integrity.

☐ Uphold ethical standards within the team.

☐ Consistent adherence to organizational values.

Scoring Guide:

  • 1 point: Needs Improvement

  • 2 points: Competent

  • 3 points: Strong


  • 10-15 points: Consider focusing on immediate improvements.

  • 16-24 points: Competent leadership skills; continue refining.

  • 25-30 points: Strong leadership; maintain and seek opportunities for growth.

Remember, leadership is a journey of continuous improvement. Regularly revisit this checklist to track your progress and refine your leadership skills.

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