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2022 New Year Resoultions: Incorporating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Into Your Workspace

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Written by: Jenora Ledbetter -President & Founder of The Self Care Network LLC

2022 New Year Resoultions: Incorporating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Into Your Workspace

Four Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion New Year Resoultions Every Company Should Have

A New Year is upon us and with the start of a new year comes the time for organizations to evaluate the previous year. January is the best time for your organization to start creating diversity, equity, and inclusion goals to cultivate a more diverse workforce.

Here are The Top 4 New Year Resoultions Every Organization Should Incorporate Into Their 2022 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan....

1. Analyze your organizations climate by measuring retention rates, hiring data, and engagement surveys.

2. Incorporate diversity training to ensure that your employees are being trained to raise organizational awareness around inclusion and diversity.

3.Tie management goals with equity and inclusion goals to develop inclusive thinking and action plans that increase your pipeline, recruitment, and retention.

4. Recognize the impact of Unconscious Bias in the Workplace. Unconscious bias in the workplace can hinder the organizations ability to create safe spaces at work. Unconscious biases effect how employees evaluate performance, talent, promotions and assignments. Changing workplace attitudes are possible with self awareness and honest dialog.

Governance Through An Equity Lens

The hallmarks of a truly diverse, equitable and inclusive board are not in the diversity statements, or how many people of color represented are on the board; it is in the day to day practices and how recruitment is handled, how board members are oriented, how committees are structured and how meetings and discussions are encouraged. In other words, it is in the routine functioning of a board and how the board incorporates its practices that ultimately determines whether a board is equitable and inclusive.

The main takeaway for this presentation is to recognize the importance of integrating equity and diversity into the structure of your organization, and how to recognize where your organization may be lacking. Specifically, understanding that the traditional board and fundraising structure may not be inclusive and welcoming of BIPOC voices, and strategizing ways to raise the standard for and integrate DEI in the structure of nonprofits.

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