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Our Companies Best Moment in September & Three DE& I Goals Your Company Should Set For 2021

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

The Self Care Network LLC Best

Moments in September

September has always been a magical month for me. I like to think it's because September is my birthday month. However September also represents a month of new beginnings and the change of the season. We say goodbye to the summer eager to usher in PUMPKIN SPICE & APPLE CIDER EVERYTHING!!! From candles, to coffees, to danishes, and food.

September is the 9th month and is linked to transitions, completeness, and is an excellent number for creation or manifestation. The vibrational number 9 represents new beginnings and a new cycle in your life. It is a time when everything comes full circle and you face all your realizations, especially the lessons you have learned along the way.

September is the time to refocus your energies. It is time to set individual goals for yourself or goals for your company. September is the best time to start new projects.


Happy Birthday to our CEO and Founder, Jenora Ledbetter! She has dedicated her life to the mission of working with organizations to link employee well being and self care by helping organizations foster a positive and inclusive workplace that is conducive to the health, self care, and well being of all employees. In doing so she has impacted countless organizations for the better. Without a heart centered approach to DE&I, the approach to employee well being is incomplete.

“Diversity is about all of us and about us having to figure out how to walk through this world together".

-Jacqueline Woodson -


3 DE& I Goals Your Company Should Set For 2021

1. Embracing Difficult Conversations: For many years DE&I was disguised as cultural competency trainings within organizations. An hour powerpoint presentation was all an organization needed to be considered diverse.

As we hit a new wave with DE&I, organizations are starting to realize that a training doesnt eliminate the very real micoaggressions and discrimination that an employee may face.

It is important for an organization to have "Brave Conversations". Make the rest of the 2021 year about embracing difficult conversations about diversity at work. Recognize the difference between not knowing how to have these conversations and not wanting to have them at all. Employees can be taught how to have these important conversations in a safe space.

2.Apply Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)to your DEI work

Start by creating a DEI roadmap with metrics associated with each of them. DE&I should be treated like every other business function. DEI work is based on qualitative data more so than quantitative data which can make it difficult to identify and track metrics. This is a time where you can get creative with your data tracking. Think about ways to measure the impact of the work that your organization is doing. You can track DE&I KPI's by sending out engagement surveys, you can also track client diversity, and measure if the services at your organization are geared towards a set group of persons? You can also track recrutiment efforts to determine are your job postings targeting a certain group or sub group? And are your job postings, listed where diverse candidates can find them?

3. Realize That DE& Is More Than Just Representation!!!

Often times organizations are rushing to diversify their staff that they often forget to to do the internal work first. Hiring a large number of diverse staff does not equal an equitable or safe workplace. If you have not done the internal work first, you can risk harming your diverse employees because you were ill prepared to create a safe space thats creates a sense of psychological safety for your diverse employees. The D in DE&I cannot be the only metric that your organization tracks.

DE&I is a marathon not a sprint.


Why Executive Coaching Is Important?

Why the Right Executive Coach Can Enable You To Be The Best!

Continued learning and development is one that sets apart a good leader from a great leader.

We are always learning. Our brains are like sponges ready to absorb information. In my time working in non-profits I have seen

collegues work on themselves to get promoted, but then once they get to a higher level, they stop working on themselves. Then they slowly start to burn out because they are unable to manage their new workload. They start to see their teams members disengage from the work and from the team because the manager is unable to balance the new expectations placed on them, and so it becomes a house of cards, all ready to fall down because the manager stopped working on the skills they need to motivate themselves and to motivate others.

Choosing an Excutive Coach/Consultant with proven results and a transparent approach will help you gain the most from executive coaching/consulting.

At The Self Care Network LLC we have over 12 years experience working with executives to enhance their leadership skills, employee enagagement, and business performance.

Here are some of the benefits we provide...

1.Helping you navigate change in your position

2. Helping you defeat the imposter syndrome complex

3.Improve Productivity

4. Heightened Self Awareness

5. Better Social Skills

6. Improved Leadership Abilities

Securing an Executive Coach/Consultant is a valuable resource. It allows time and space for executives to work towards goals that a hectic work environement is not able to accommodate.

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