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professional developmnet training sessio


Foundations of DEI: Building an Inclusive Workplace

This workshop provides an overview of DEI principles, helping participants understand the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. It covers key concepts, such as unconscious bias, privilege, and microaggressions, and offers strategies for creating an inclusive organizational culture.

Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Training 

Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Training participants will learn the principles of Title VII, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a workplace free from discrimination and harassment. This training will cover topics such as identifying and preventing discrimination, understanding different forms of harassment, and promoting a respectful work environment. 

Cultural Competency and Sensitivity

This workshop focuses on developing cultural competency, helping participants appreciate and respect different cultures and backgrounds. It explores the significance of cultural sensitivity in creating an inclusive environment.

Inclusive Leadership Series 

The "Inclusive Leadership Series" is a comprehensive set of workshops designed to empower leaders and managers with the skills and knowledge needed to lead inclusively. In this series, participants will explore essential topics, from understanding the foundations of inclusive leadership to advanced strategies for creating diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environments. The workshops cover a range of leadership competencies, including empathy, authenticity, decision-making, and talent development, all geared toward fostering a workplace culture where every individual feels valued and respected. Whether you're an experienced leader or just beginning your leadership journey, this series provides the tools and insights to drive positive change in your organization and make inclusivity an integral part of your leadership style.

Human Resource Management 

This training is a specialized training for managers and supervisors on their responsibilities under Title VII. This training should focus on topics such as preventing discrimination during the hiring process, conducting unbiased performance evaluations, addressing complaints effectively, and promoting a respectful workplace culture.

Retaliation Prevention Training 

Title VII protects employees from retaliation for engaging in protected activities, such as reporting discrimination or participating in investigations. This training program educates employees and supervisors about the importance of preventing retaliation and the potential consequences of engaging in retaliatory behavior. 

Recruiting and Hiring Inclusively- Compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity Laws 

This training  is designed to help organizations create a fair and equitable hiring process that embraces diversity and minimizes bias. This training will highlight the legal requirements related to equal employment opportunity and non discrimination. It emphasizes the importabnce of complying with these laws throughout the recruitment and hiring process. Participants will learn the importance of crafting inclusive job postings and advertisements, as well as learning strategies for broadening the candidate pool and reaching diverse candidates, and how to make informed and unbiased selection decisions. 


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