Board Of Advisors


Kathleen Troy

Advisory Board Member

After many successful years in the NYC beauty industry, and rearing two daughters with her husband, Kathleen Troy became an ICF certified Ontological Life Coach. She graduated from a rigorous National Coach training program held in NYC, Accomplishment Coaching, and accessed her deeper purpose through this process.  
Kathleen enjoys facilitating personal development workshops for small businesses, corporations and collectives, yoga retreats in partnership with yoga specialists, and individual coaching sessions. She was invited to facilitate a Women's Empowerment Session at the U.N. and was deeply moved by the powerful, vibrant women in attendance.


Monique Jeanty

Advisory Board Member 

Dr. Wanda Jeanty was born in Haiti and her family then lived in Canada and Africa before moving to the US in her teenage years. She earned her MD degree from Spartan Health Sciences University, St. Lucia and a Master of Sciences in International Health from New York Medical College in the US. As a public health educator for more than 10 years, Dr. Wanda Jeanty worked in cardiovascular and maternal-fetal medicine research and also taught healthcare to a diverse population of adult learners in different settings. In 2013, she started her own health and wellness service, Not Another Diet Wanda, as she knew that her passion for health education would help many. She found her passion when she started consulting as a public health educator where she was assessing and implementing wellness programs for organizations willing to reap the benefits of healthier and more productive employees. Wanda Jeanty now travels the world to virtual and live events helping men and women, who struggle with their digestive system, mental health challenges and are understanding the direct correlation between a healthier lifestyle without dieting, managing their stress level and living a life they truly want