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Certified in Non-Profit Management & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion In The Workplace


The Self Care Network LLC is a business consulting firm. We aim to help companies achieve their long-term growth


Our business consulting services include:


Strategy & Implementation Services

The backbone of a good strategic plan is that it is actionable and leads to the organization’s ultimate success and growth.  Strategic planning is crucial for a business as it creates a map for a business to follow and course correct when need be. Our professional consultants will assess your current situation and help you redefine your vision. Subsequently, they will create and execute a strategic plan on how to achieve the vision. 

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Interim CEO & Executive Director Services

The Self Care Network helps organizations fill critical interim management roles quickly, and efficiently.Placement of an interim executive will allow your organization the time needed to prepare for and conduct the search process while freeing non-executive staff and the board from taking on the former executive’s work in addition to their current duties.You get the right experienced interim executive you need quickly, affordably and in a highly flexible manner.

Our clients use us in the following ways:

  • Traditional Voluntary

  • Traditional Involuntary

  • Leave of Absence 

  • Inaugural- First ED

  • Dissolution- Last ED

  • Merger/Consolidation

  • Court-appointed

  • Beta CCO 

  • Temp to Perm

  • Remote/Virtual 

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Leadership Coaching

Most of the issues and challenges in organizations is poor leadership. Leaders are not always equipped with what they need to work with their teams, model effective behaviors and instill leadership throughout the organization.  In most organizations leaders are promoted due to their technical expertise and excellence. Rarely are leaders given the true support, skills, and knowledge they need to be exceptional leaders 

The Self Care Network LLC leadership coaches drive All Things People by focusing on increasing self-awareness, We work our coaching, both one-on-one or in groups of four, on three key situations:

- Onboarding


-Management Skills

The Self Care Network are experts in leadership coaching and guidance that will transform leadership teams from soiled and fragmented to unified, aligned, powerful teams.  

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Executive & Leadership Engagement

Passionate leaders are fully engaged and committed to achieving their goals while helping others achieve theirs. There is a significant difference  between leaders who lead with their title  and leaders who lead with passion. 

Being a leader is one of the hardest jobs there is. The responsibility to guide and shape an organization's success is daunting. Yet it can be the most rewarding, fulfilling experience if done with self awareness, skill and passion.

Our experiences and our own personal journeys direct our approach and allow us to truly understand and build the best process for you to gain awareness, confidence. It doesn't have to be lonely at the top.  

Executives and leadership teams although well-intentioned—are not equipped with the most effective tools to navigate matters at interpersonal and systemic levels. The Self Care Network LLC  builds executive confidence for sustainable change. 


Executive Coaching for Marginalized Groups

Many people of color have found peace working from home during the  pandemic, which has allowed them to avoid racism from superiors and colleagues in corporate environments.

Now that some organizations are requiring employees to return to the office employees of color say they are not thrilled to return to work environments in which they were regularly faced with daily micro-aggressions  by the colleagues around them before the pandemic. 

Many people of color feel the lack of diversity in many workplaces makes them feel obligated and pressured to take on extra emotional labor of returning to an environment where they were forced to feel uncomfortable. 

Executive Coaching for marginalized groups helps prepares leaders to navigate the unique challenges of microaggressions in the workplace. Leaders who are a part of marginalized social groups have an additional challenge of navigating systems where they experience exclusion and isolation. 

Recent research in the field of diversity and inclusion shows that women, people of color and LGBT leaders spend extra time and energy counteracting the burden of implicit basis and microaggressions at work. 

At The Self Care Network LLC, we specialize in coaching that equips leaders with solutions to these unique challenges by providing 

  • ​One-on-one executive coaching for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, women, and other marginalized groups focused on helping employees develop an authentic and powerful leadership style while honoring and embracing their unique style  ​

  • Coaching on creating DEI Council 

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DEI and Business Training Services

Trainings present a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all employees. The benefits are 

-Improved employee performance

-Improved employee satisfaction and morale

-Addressing Weaknesses


-Increased Productivity and adherence to quality standards

-Increased innovation in new strategies and products 

Some of the trainings we currently offer are

  • Unconscious Bias to Inclusive Leadership

  • Recognizing and Responding to Microaggressions

  • Creating an Inclusive Culture

  • Recruiting and Hiring Inclusively

  • Understanding Gener Equity 

  • Emotional Tax in the Workplace

  • Managing Diverse Teams Inclusively

Our business training services provide a holistic approach that facilitates personal growth and transformation. It focuses on the physical as well as general wellbeing of the client 

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CEO Succession Planning & Board Effectiveness

The Self Care Network LLC works with the board, both individually and collectively, to help articulate the future-focused vision for the organization.

The Self Care Network LLC focuses on the following steps for a successful Succession Planning Process

1.Internal Assessment- Understanding the organizations vision, strategy and culture

2. Build a talent pipeline- Explore the individual’s capability and potential of internal and external candidates

3.Board Presentation-Share CEO succession options with the board

4. Professional Development Plan: Written assessment will be sent to the board detailing a long term professional development plan for candidates success

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Human Resource Consulting

The Self Care Network LLC provides a full range of HR consulting services for businesses, designed to improve productivity, acquire and retain talent, reduce administrative burden, and minimize risk.  

HR Consulting  services include:

  • Interim HR support

  • Talent acquisition tools and resources

  • HR compliance and audits

  • Benefits management and administration

  • Talent management and organizational development

  • Risk management & regulatory compliance

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